Photos from Scenes in A Long Way from Paris

Water “tank” used before the water froze
The “Source”
To get water, we pulled a stick from this rock on the hillside 1/2 mile from home
Our House
Our house. Note the overhang with corrugated metal: the toilet (1/2 wine barrel covered with two planks)
Ay_liz_a_bet_a with Baby, her favorite goat
Cleaning the mess in front of the house
Ricky and Jacques
The hanging sausages: “like bells”
My herd
Illusive and others with Mon Rosa in the background
With sheep as well as goats and cow. Eating at the barn means a day humans are celebrating  at the house.
Twenty years later (2000)
Twenty years later (2000): The land and beautiful Camargue horse look the same. My daughter in foreground.
Twenty years later (2000)
Twenty years later (2000): No goats, but land is still beautiful. My niece, daughter, me, and Jacques.


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