The Writers Connection and Other Works


The Writers Connection

I founded The Writers Connection aimed at readers and writers to help educate aspiring writers and support local authors who live in the Puget Sound area of Washington state. Originally a newsletter, The Writers Connection has grown to be more than that. With Wendy Hinman as editor, we write a newsletter which has interviews with authors about their path to becoming successful, as well as resources for readers and writers. The Writers Connection has an extensive list of resources as well as two interviews with successful author specifically about their writer’s journey.

We’ve interviewed authors Elizabeth George, Jonathan Evison, Erik Larson, Debbie Macomber, Randall Platt, Hank Searls, Carla Seaquist, Langdon Cook, Theo Nestor, Elizabeth Wales, William C. Dietz, Mike Lawson, Carol Cassella, Sheila Roberts, Garth Stein, George Shannon, Michele Torrey, Mary Guterson, Jennie Shortridge, Jim Lynch, Bruce Barcott, Langdon Cook, Erik Larson, Ingrid Ricks, Mike Lawson, Debbie Macomber, Kathy O’Brien, Mimmi Beck, Bernadette Pajer, Kevin O’Brien, Elizabeth George, Robert Dugoni, Lance Weller, Jonathan Evison, Jamie Ford, Grace Cummings, Nicole Harding, Jan Walker, and Marissa Meyer.

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Additional Works

Life Kind of Sucks front cover

“Life Kind of Sucks,”a tiny book beautifully illustrated by award winning artist Germaine Austin, is based on being a Mom and a social worker. When life feels rough, when nothing comes easily, when one is anxious or depressed or sad or confused, here’s a mini-book with some fresh ideas. It isn’t an anecdote for the hard times per se, but hopefully, it will provide tools to make each day go a little more smoothly.  Life Kind of Sucks  is filled with ideas for people of all ages, girls and boys, men and women, who are in a funk. It’s especially popular with teen boys and girls and older women.  

OTHER Writing


The Paralympic Games, Vancouver 2012 Strokes and Spokes

Be a Tourist in Tacoma – Seattle’s Child

Lady Gaga’s Bus Tour; Bus Reduction – Tacoma Volcano

When Mom is Puking – Hybrid Mom

Be a Tourist in Gig Harbor – Seattle’s Child

Transit Cuts for People with Disabilities Tacoma Volcano

Paralympics Vancouver – ABILITY magazine

“An Urban Goatherd” was published in We Came To Say, an anthology edited by Theo Nestor. Also published in The Wilderness Literary Review, Boston, where it was nominated it for a Pushcart award. The story received a New Millenium Writings Honorable Mention.

We Came to Say 2

Contributors to We Came to Say, edited by Theo Nestor

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