The Veil is Vile

Struggles with Writing The Veil is Vile

I’ve been writing The Veil is Vile for the past three—or is it four—years.  I’d like it turn out like Liane Moriarty who deftly leaps the confines of boxed-in genres. Is it literary fiction or pop? Is it romance, mystery, or a portrayal of the human dilemma? You decide.

The Veil is Vile follows Lorissa Orondo, an under-functioning, Julliard trained Mom who is determined to prove her delinquent son did not attempt murder. Here’s the story: Lorissa appears to be the perfect Mom with the perfect home, in the perfect neighborhood with the perfect career. When her long lost roommate, Aleena, appears out of the blue, Lorissa’s world begins to crumble.  In reality, her teenage son, Austin, constantly causes trouble; Lorissa barely works; and she is sick and tired of her daughter’s soccer.

When Austin is accused of attempting to murder Scott Crowley, the charming new comer to their northwest island, Lorissa is determined to prove Austin’s innocence. Collecting evidence with her teen daughter, Lori suspects her pill popping pharmacist neighbor Nicole colluded with Aleena’s abusive husband to kill Scott. Reminiscent of early Jodi Picoult, with a touch of the mystery of JA Jance thrown in, The Veil is Vile is a story of love in its many imperfect forms -from friendship to Motherhood and even to marriage. A perfect guilty pleasure. 

In this blog, I will document some of my struggles in writing The Veil is Vile-and there are many! Whether you’re a reader, writer, or aspiring writing, come join the ride. It’s as uppy-downy as a roller coaster, I can assure you. But as fun, in the long run, I hope. 


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